Idaho - Cool Facts

Idaho is the 43 rd State.
Square Miles: 83,000
Highest mountain: over 12,000 feet
Deepest Canyon: 700 feet
Acres of Wilderness: 1,000,000
National Forests: 10

Great Seal of the State of IdahoState Seal: 
Became official in 1891, was designed by a woman.  Latin Motto: “Esto Perpetua”.
Meaning: “Let it be Perpetual”



Sate Flower:

IdahoState Tree:
The Western White Pine
The largest tree in the world is 219 feet tall and lives near Elk River, Idaho.

State Fossil:
Hagerman Horse.  3 ½ million years old.

See it at: Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument
One of the largest fossil deposits in North America.

State Bird:
Mountain Bluebird

State Gemstone:
The Idaho Star Garnet

State Fish:
Cuttthroat Trout

State Horse:


Idaho is world renowned as a place to have fun.  Where else can you find a huge playground loaded with lakes, rivers, mountains, and trees?  What about the beautiful raging rivers great for rafting and fishing?  The lakes are clean, crystal clear and perfect for water skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing. Load up your backpack and head out on one of the awe inspiring mountain trails, or hop on your bike and enjoy all kinds of wildlife from mountain goats to elk, to even bears!  And don’t forget about the little critters!  After a refreshing trek, you can set up camp under the starry sky, so bright and clear it seems as if you could reach out and “catch a star”.

If you love winter Idaho has 18 Ski Resorts, with snow white powder.  Oh, and don’t forget about the thousands of miles of snowmobile trails.  Idaho; a place of wonder and excitement 365 days a year.  Why wouldn't you want to make Boise, Idaho your home?

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Idaho Sights to See:

Idaho City Website

Historic Idaho City

The Peregrine Fund
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Ghost Towns
Old Fort Boise

Old Fort Boise - I-84 west, exit Highway 20/26 to Parma, Old Fort Boise is an exact replica of the Hudson’s Bay Co. trading post built in 1834 on the Snake River.

Warhawk Museum Website

Warhawk Air Museum - Nampa, Idaho

McCall Idaho
Visit Cascade, Idaho

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