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Ava Tong Boise Real Estate Agent Ava Tong

Over 43 years as licensed real estate professional selling residential homes, land, investments, development and new construction. Relocation specialist.

Cristina Pescaru Boise Real Estate Agent Cristina Pescaru

Certified New Homes Sales Professional, Relocation Specialist.  Licensed Realtor in the Treasure Valley since 2000.


The Property Team
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 Ava Tong, Realtor, BA,  CSP, HRC

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 Cristina Pescaru, Realtor,  CSP, HRC

Phone Phone: (208) 284-1545
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Because: Unlike over 70% of the agents in the Boise, Southwest Idaho area, who are not Idaho natives, having lived here all our lives, we know the entire area like the back of our hands.  From the city, to the country rural areas, the country roads to the super highway, we have seen and lived through the changes affecting not only the state, but most importantly the neighborhoods, cities and towns of Boise and the greater metropolitan areas.

Because: It takes more than just the ability to be a “salesperson” or a fast talker.  It takes genuine empathy, knowledge, compassion, perseverance and years of experience in marketing and negotiations to bring a family and a house together, or to separate a family from the home they have loved and cherished.  To be balanced; that is the measure that determines character and work ethic.

Because: Hundreds of clients have rested assured knowing that they can count on Ava and Cristina to take care of every detail in the home selling and home buying process. Expect no less from over 66 years of combined real estate experience.

Because: We have the largest working network of service providers with the most excellent professional service you will find.

Because:  In this Boise and Southwest Idaho area there are thousands of real estate “salespersons”.  So, we will let the sample of testimonials below prove to you that we are the best real estate team for you. We are confident that like the clients, customers, service providers and fellow real estate agents below, you will choose our team for the best real estate representation ever.


"Dear Cristina, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on our recent transaction. It is always a pleasure to do business with someone who shows such professionalism and care in their work. I sincerely hope we get to work together again." Julie - Boise

"Dear Ava, O. and I thank you so much for all you did for us before we arrived in Boise and while we were there. We enjoyed meeting you and getting a good feel for the Boise area. All our best to you, Ava. " O. & A.C.~CA.

"Dear Ava, I felt the information you sent me and my husband went above and beyond the call of duty. I want you to know we appreciate you taking time out of your everyday life to help us make an informed decision. Tell your boss that you need a raise and that I wish more people were as nice.  Your doing a great job. Thanks again for all the information."  Sincerely, The C. family~FL.

"Ava, Thank you for all of your hard work for us. We sincerely appreciate it. You really are the best agent we have worked with."  The D. family~ Nampa

"We would certainly recommend Cristina and__________to anyone looking for a home. Excellent service." Tom and Candy, Boise

"Ava, I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all you've done for us! Far beyond the call of duty! ... staying on top of_____about our blinds ...WOW. And so much more! We're both humbled and honored by your generosity ...You're a rare gem!" K.C.~Kuna

"Cristina, we are so very grateful for all you have done for us in getting this lovely home and settling us in Idaho! You have spent many hours in our behalf and we thank you for that! It's nice to have not only a good real estate agent but a friend as well!" Gary and Tony, Canada-Nampa

"Dear Mr.______This letter is to thank _________Co. and most particularly our agent, Ava Tong, for the exemplary job she did selling our house in Boise. The house was the home of ____'s mother for 45 years. She died necessitating the sale of the house. While packing up the house, we interviewed several Boise realtors. We selected Ava because of her wonderful combination of professionalism and compassion. Since we live over 1500 miles away, it was imperative that we have a realtor who was willing to do more than would normally be expected. We were not disappointed! Ava took on not only the responsibility of selling the house, but she literally took on the responsibility of the house itself! There were repairs that had to be made that necessitated time consuming estimates and followups---Ava took care of all of that while going the extra mile to make sure that estimates were fair and reasonable and we were not taken advantage of. She made sure the house was always clean and kept a tab on our lawn service and a renter we had in the basement.

Ava kept us abreast of everything that was happening and made recommendations along the way which ultimately resulted in the sale of the house. We leaned heavily on her advice and expertise during negotiations for the eventual sale of the house. She kept our fax and email humming! Even on the last day, while we were signing closing papers in ________, she was making sure we were not taken advantage of on a re-inspection fee.

Over the years we have bought and sold several houses so we have a good working knowledge of what to expect from a realtor. Therefore, we feel confident when we say that Ava did much more than we ever expected her to do. She was wonderful. We will always be grateful to her for all she did for us. ____________is very fortunate to have a woman (i.e.agent) of her caliber on its team. We regret that since we live in OK, we are not in a position to directly recommend her, but hope that you will do that for us. Thank you." Very Sincerely, B.&M.G.~OK.

"Ava, Thank you for all your help finding a house and being a special friend to us!" S. & L. C.~Nampa

"Ava, We are really enjoying the house and do appreciate that you and Cristina helped us get it." N.S. & C.F.~Boise

"Ava, Thank you so much for helping us get our home. Knowing we were working with people you trust and having you looking over it all was very comforting!" C.&D.~Nampa

"Ava is the kind of agent who does exceptional work and follows through completely on all details!" M.&G.H.~Boise

"I was very satisfied with Ava's service she kept all her promises, understood our specific needs, went out of her way to help, was available and easy to reach, and kept in touch with us. Yes, we nominate her for your Service Award." R.C.~Boise

"Ava did everything on your survey to the highest degree. Yes, we nominate her for your company's outstanding service award. She even helped out with items she was not obligated to help with. The broker in your office is the best." Dr. & Mrs. H.~Meridian

"Ava, Thank you so much for sticking thru this with me. As sad as I am to be leaving our home I am so thankful the house SOLD! You always gave me hope which I needed ... this mess. Your a great person and I love you for everything you did for me. Thank you". M.~ Boise

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The Property Team at Silvercreek Realty Group
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