About Find Your Home in Boise

Why are we here?

Because a fresh approach was necessary in the clutter and website jungle of the world.  We want to provide information about the real estate market in the Boise area, as well as meaningful research links that will provide a basis for communicating needs and concerns with those who are most interested in one of the biggest life decisions anyone will make; selling your house or buying a house. We have spent countless hours researching what you, the consumer views as important, as well as addressing the wants and needs of the majority as well as the minority.  This site is not about us, but about you, the consumer.  We want you to have time.

What will we provide?

Current information as well as valuable, timely, meaningful links for your extended research, knowledge is only as good as it is used.  So it is our goal that those who come to our site will take away some knowledge.  We want to provide that knowledge.

How can you use the information?

We feel that by gathering your treasures on line you will be able to share these with ones that are important in your life. That by conserving your valuable energies in often meaningless time consuming searches all over the internet, you will have the time to consult together with the ones important to you in making balanced life decisions for good.  Selling a home or purchasing a home is a major life decision.  We want to be that source.

Where are we from?

Ava: lifelong resident of the Treasure Valley, with over 40 years of real estate investing and assisting folks in the decision making processes of selling and buying, you can be sure you will be #1.

Cristina: Over 20 years of real estate experience. She relocated to Boise from Romania in 1990, and she knows what it is to be "the new kid on the block". She'll make buying and selling real estate a pleasant and stress free experience for you too.

Our goal:

  • To be fully committed to ethically serving the best interests of all our clients

  • To make available valuable information through this website to assist you in your quest for knowledge.

  • To make our website over time the most trustworthy and credible website you will turn to time after time when your quest for real estate begins, and hopefully never ends. 

We encourage you to visit www.findyourhomeinboise.com often, explore our information and share your comments.  Let’s sharpen our thinking ability together and make wise life decisions based on accurate information.  We want to be here for you.   


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Treasure in Your Backyard: Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange

This option allows you to preserve your wealth through re-investment in like-kind assets.

A very powerful financial tool that can be advantageous to you.

Contact Ava or Cristina for free information on this relatively, unfortunately, unknown and unused strategy.

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