By Cristina Pescaru, CSP
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A few weeks ago I had a chat over the phone with a reporter from Seems that people are interested in places around the country where the market hasn’t bottomed out. I do believe that we may see lower prices in the Valley, but if anybody expects to purchase a mansion for a song, they will have to wait a long time…

The part of the interview that was referring to adjacent towns around Boise, like Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Emmett, Middleton, didn’t make it in the article, since their main interest was in Boise. I referred to Canyon County in particular when I said that some areas have seen almost 50% reduction in values compared with the boom years.

For more on this, you can go to the article Cities Where Home Prices Are Falling Dangerously by  Morgan Brennan, Forbes Staff, Let us know what you think…



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