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Boise Realtor Market Report June 2021

Boise Realtor, Cristina Pescaru, shares the June 2021 Market Report for Ada County, Elmore County, Gem County, and Canyon County. The market is changing slowly, but surely. Here are the latest stats from Boise Regional Realtors:

Boise Regional REALTORS®

June 2021


The median sales price for homes in Ada County reached $525,000 in June, nearly even with May 2021.

While our region has faced insufficient supply for years — the main driver of home prices — June marked three consecutive months of inventory growth. While still low compared to previous years, there were 729 homes available for sale at the end of the month, up 27.9% from May. 

The rolling 12-month median sales price climbed to $263,500 in Elmore County as of June 2021 — an increase of 28.9% over the same period last year.  

The continued price growth may be encouraging homeowners to list, as monthly existing inventory has been climbing for the past three months — a trend we hope to see continue. At the end of June, there were 27 existing homes available for purchase, up from 16 at the end of May, and nine in April. Inventory of new construction has also been improving slowly, and as of June, there were 14 available for purchase. 

The rolling 12-month median sales price climbed to $341,000 in Gem County as of June 2021 — an increase of 29.7% over the same period last year. 

The continued price growth may be encouraging homeowners to list, as compared to 2020. At the end of June, there were 36 existing homes available for purchase and another 14 new construction options on the market — the highest number since December 2019.

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Idaho Listed With Top 10 Tax-Friendly States

Idaho is in the News

10 states that are the most tax-friendly for middle-income households

From CNBC By Jessica Bursztynsky

* Illinois ranked as the least tax-friendly state for middle-income households, while Alaska took top honors, according to a study from GOBankingRates.

* Though individual income tax rates matter, so do sales and property taxes. Be sure to consider the overall tax picture when deciding where to live.

Jessica’s article goes on to inform people from Illinois they may want to move to the more tax-friendly state of Alaska, but if you’re not sure about moving to the land of the midnight sun you might consider moving to Idaho.  We are also on the list of the Top 10 most tax-friendly states.

Top 10 most tax-friendly states:
• Alaska
• Delaware
• Nevada
• Wyoming
• Montana
• Florida
• Tennessee
• Idaho
• South Carolina
• North Dakota

The CNBC article links to

Most Tax-Friendly States for the Middle Class

If you want a break from taxes, move to one of these states.

By Cynthia Measom

GOBankingRates conducted a study that determined the most tax-friendly states for the middle class by looking at the shares of certain income taxes paid by the middle 20 percent of income earners in 30 different states. If you’re in the middle class and hurting due to taxes, it’s worth it to know the best states for the middle class.

Even if you earn a decent middle-class salary, all of the state and local income taxes you have to pay can eat away at your bottom line, leaving you with less money in your pocket than you’d like. But not all states are equal when it comes to the amount of taxes you’ll pay due to owning property, buying goods or having to submit to a personal income tax. The best states for taxes, as well as the worst, exist.

GOBankingRates conducted a study that determined the most tax-friendly states for the middle class by looking at the shares of certain income taxes paid by the middle 20 percent of income earners in 30 different states. If you’re in the middle class and hurting due to taxes, it’s worth it to know the best states for the middle class.

(30 states are listed) See the article for the full list)

8. Idaho

Total share of state and local taxes paid by middle 20%: 8.1%
Share of personal income tax paid by middle 20%: 1.5%
Share of property taxes paid by middle 20%: 2.1%
Share of sales and excise taxes paid by middle 20%: 4.4%

Property taxes in Idaho are lower than average among U.S. states for all classes of earners, and there’s not that much difference in shares among the lowest 20 percent, middle 20 percent and top 1 percent of earners within the state: 3.3 percent, 2.1 percent and 1.6 percent, respectively.

Why is Meridian Idaho such a great place to live?

One of the fastest growing cities – why is Meridian such a great place to live?

From one who has lived in the Treasure Valley all her life, there are several reasons. The first perspective that has never changed.

  1. Right between two of Idaho’s largest cities; Nampa & Boise
  2. Friendly people
  3. Some of the best schools

From a real estate and Investment perspective;

  1. Nice neighborhoods
  2. Great family activities year round
  3. New parks and great older parks
  4. Shopping galore including the country’s most  beautiful upscale family oriented “Village Shopping Center
  5. Tasty restaurant choices.

Truly a wonderful place to call home.

So contact Ava, your Treasure Valley go to real estate agent. For her first-hand expertise on area growth & demand, selling or buying or other questions and advice when you are facing your real estate dilemma. Don’t hesitate. Now is one of the best times to sell or buy.

More Proof – From Market Watch:

These are the fastest-growing cities in America

Here are WalletHub’s 10 fastest-growing cities in America:

Rank City
1 Frisco, TX
2 Kent, WA
3 Lehigh Acres, FL
4 Meridian, ID
5 Midland, TX
6 McKinney, TX
7 Fort Myers, FL
8 Bend, OR
9 Austin, TX
10 Pleasanton, CA

News from the Boise Real Estate Market

Attention Buyers and Sellers! The market is still going strong, and steadily climbing upwards. The very good news is that the reasons the prices are going up are legitimate ones, like consumer demand, lack of inventory and the higher prices of new construction. That shelters us from a strong downward spiral correction in the future, since the higher prices aren’t driven by speculation as it was the case 10 years ago.

Some June stats: the median sales price in Ada County grew by 8.7% over last year, and by 12.4% in Canyon County. The average time the properties spend on the market is lower as well, by 13.2% in Ada County and by 9.4% in Canyon County. Homes are selling quickly, and that means less time for the sellers to have the inconvenience of buyers coming through and keep the property in showing-room condition all the time. It’s exhausting

All this is good news for sellers, as we are in a strong seller’s market, that doesn’t show any signs of changing soon, and good information for the buyers to keep in mind: if you are serious about a property, don’t wait, don’t think you will have a few days to think about it, because you won’t, it will go before you know it! Also, make your stronger offer from the beginning, even if it’s not at the asking price, and document that offer to the best of your and your agent’s ability. Make sure that your have the funds available, and present that proof to the seller with your offer, if you are making a cash offer, or that you are pre-qualified if you are getting a mortgage. The more proof of your solidity as a buyer you can offer, and the better you make the offer look, the better your chance to getting the house of your dreams. Good luck to all the buyers out there, and if Ava or I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Cristina Pescaru Boise RealtorContact Boise Realtor, Cristina Pescaru, to find your Boise, Idaho home.

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Idaho Among 10 Best States For Retirement came across an interesting article for those interested in finding a good place to retire. Idaho is listed in the top 10 Best States For Retirement.

Retire in Idaho Article: 10 Best States For Retirement

If cost of living, safety and weather are important to you, you’ll want to consider Idaho as a good state for retirement.

It’s one of the most affordable states in the U.S. Idaho also is one of the safest. The FBI recorded 1,984 property crimes and 208 violent crimes per 100,000 people in the Gem State in 2012. That’s the lowest crime rate in the country.

And then there’s the relatively pleasant weather. Yes, you’ll still need a winter coat in Idaho. But there’s a lot more to weather than just the temperature. For example, Boise, Idaho, gets more sunshine than Atlanta. And with an average annual humidity of about 58 percent, Idaho is naturally comfortable.





Boise Listed with Metro Areas Poised for Uptick in Baby Boomer Home Sales

Boise Among Top Metro For  Baby BoomersAccording to the new research by the  National Association of Realtors®, metro areas with a lower cost of living and sunnier weather are poised to see an increased number of baby boomers moving in and buying a home as some delay retirement and remain participants in the labor market.

Boise, Idaho and Raleigh, North Carolina were identified as top standouts for baby boomers for their solid job growth, share of self-employed workers and affordable home prices.

The top markets positioned to see an influx of baby boomer homebuyers are (listed alphabetically):

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Fort Myers, Florida
  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Tucson, Arizona

Visit the NAR website to read more about the Top Metro Areas Poised for Uptick in Baby Boomer Home Sales.
Resource: NAR Identified Top Metro Areas Poised for Uptick in Baby Boomer Home Sales
Media Contact: Adam DeSanctis

Contact Boise Realtors, Ava Tong or Cristina Pescaru for information about purchasing a real estate investment in the Idaho real estate market. – See more at:

Meridian Idaho Listed in Top 50 Places To Live 2014

Money Magazine announced their rankings of the ‘Best Places to Live in America 2014.’ The magazine analyzed data trying to find the best places for “great jobs, strong economies, affordable homes, excellent schools, and much more.”

From Money Magazine:

Idaho native and three-time “Mayor Tammy” de Weerd says her favorite part of Meridian is the people. There was the anonymous donor who bought a new location for the food bank in 2012, for example.  And the local philanthropist who donated a $25 million park to the city in honor of his father. “We have a community that gives back,” De Weerd says.

Read the Money Magazine Article – Best Places to Live 2014

Meridian Idaho in Top 50 Best Places to Live 2014

Best Places to Retire in 2014 – Boise Idaho

Forbes Contributor William P. Barrett lists Boise, Idaho among the top 25 best places to retire in 2014.  Barrett states “Retirement is one of those chances in life to do something really different. With kids usually out of the house, many people look at it as an opportunity to move to a place that better fits their likings and budget—somewhere affordable that’s warmer (or colder), more rural (or urban), with good medical care and options for an active life, including perhaps a part-time job.”

2014 Best Places to Retire - Boise IdahoThe Best Places To Retire In 2014

We agree, Boise is a great place to retire.  Contact Idaho Realtors Ava Tong or Cristina Pescaru to find your home in Boise.




Idaho Makes CNN’S Top 10 ‘DARE TO GO’ List

READ the CNN article “The CNN 10 Dare to Go” at
By Brandon Griggs, CNN”Ask someone from another part of the country what pops into their mind when they think of Idaho, and you might get a blank stare or a one-word answer: potatoes.”

Hundreds of alpine lakes dot central Idaho’s Sawtooth Range. (Michael Melford/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Beyond the potato

Boise Leading The Housing Market

Forbes Article - Metro Markets Leading Housing Recovery

Forbes Article

Boise In the News

From: Forbes Places & Spaces

Unheralded Outperformers: 10 Metro Markets That Are Leading the Housing Recovery

“Call them the unheralded outperformers that get almost no attention in the national media: Real estate markets where median home prices are affordable and rising much faster than the nation as a whole and where inventories of available homes listed for sale continue to plunge.

Iowa City, Iowa; Nashville, Tenn.; Boise, Idaho; Tulsa, Okla.; and Shreveport, La., aren’t exactly names that come to mind as leaders in the housing recovery, but they are.”

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO READ THE FORBES ARTICLE written by Ken Harney  Ken Harvey writes a nationally syndicated column on housing and mortgage issues, the Nation’s Housing, and has won numerous “Best Column – All Media” awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors, along with the Consumer Federation of America’s prestigious “Media Service Award,” for lifetime contributions to consumer interests in housing.