5 Super-smart-$-saving maintenance tips for every landlord

Tips for LandlordsEvery landlord wants to save money. The best way is to think ahead and be pro-active.  These true & tested tips will help you keep $ in your pocket.

  1. Keep your “Good as Gold” tenants as long as possible ~this saves you move out costs.
  2. Look to purchase reasonably sized properties~ this means less maintenance costs.
  3. Stick with one contractor for repairs~they may offer big discounts on their services.
  4. Try your best NOT to use property managers~a waste of money.
  5. Personally inspect your property at least 2x a year.

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Boise/Treasure Valley SW Idaho Home Fires Caused by These

Landlords and Homeowners - house fire dangersLANDLORDS; don’t expect your property management company to babysit your property and tenants. They don’t & won’t. Be pro active. By the way~ have you personally seen & inspected your investment? You may be surprised at what your property really looks like inside & out. Be responsible.

HOMEOWNERS; you live in your home so be aware of how to protect your family, pets & property.
Baby It’s Cold Outside! But before you get cozy by that warm toasty fire or get comfortable with that heater or pile of quilts read this checklist for possible dangers in your own home.


Fires can be caused by the following;

☆ creosote build up in chimney flue
☆ overhanging branches over outside chimney stack/flue
☆ not having fireproof woodstove floor extension or fireproof fireplace hearth
☆ no fireplace screen
☆ leaving open fires burning in fireplace unattended, overnight or for long periods of time w/o supervision
☆ space heaters that are not safety tested/approved
☆ smoking cigarettes in bed
☆ burning candles too near objects and leaving unattended

there are also many other causes for fire not listed.

The best course of action to prevent loss of life, money consuming disasters/fires is always being pro active.

Show you care~
Be aware!
Enjoy the warmth & comfort of your home & the cozy ambiance of that toasty fire with your loved ones.

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