Two Months Prior to Your Move

  • Checklist of items to keep, donate or sell
  • Get estimates from three moving companies
  • Check on insurance coverage for the move
  • Use up or give away perishable foods
  • Use up or give away cleaning supplies
  • Set up a file for all moving papers and receipts
  • Check into tax deductions for the move
  • Transfer children’s school records

Six Weeks Before Your Move

  • Get info
    on health care and hospitals in new location
  • Now is the time to choose your moving company
  • Postal change of address for the following:
    1. Banking Institutions
    2. Credit Cards
    3. Doctors and Dentists, any HMO companies
    4. Family & friends
    5. Social Security
    6. Schools
    7. Religious affiliations/churches
    8. Subscriptions to magazines, etc.
    9. Insurance agent, CPA or other service professional
    10. Have a yard sale or call for charity/donation pick up of items

One Month Before Your Move

  • Begin packing up, gather supplies needed: tape, rope, boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper
  • Put all necessary legal documents in an expanding file
  • Save all receipts for your moving expenses for possible future tax deductions
  • Book a rental truck or schedule with moving company
  • For flying, make arrangements for travel, including tickets, hotel lodging, car rental
  • Driving? Plan travel route, make reservations with hotels along the way
  • Pets; arrange for safe and comfortable transport
  • Utilities; disconnect at current location and get final billing, new location; call for connections
  • Notify workers at your current residence of your move
  • Get refunds on: renter’s or homeowner’s insurance or any pre-paid services
  • Give landlord notice and request instructions for security deposit refund
  • Contact all insurance companies for coverage at new location
  • Close bank accounts or transfer to local bank

Ava Tong, Realtor, BA, CSP

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