4 Reasons to Sell This Fall

Reasons to sell your house in the fall.
Image by David Mark from Pixabay
  • Flexible Existing Market. Sellers with homes that have been on the market all summer will be more willing to negotiate on the purchase of your new home. Getting a good deal on your new home empowers you to make strategic decisions in the selling of your former home.
  • Less Seller Competition. By listing in September or October, you have less competition for buyer attention. This means you are less likely to have to compromise on your listing price.
  • Natural Curb Appeal. The changing leaves make a home look cozy and comfortable as buyers start thinking of the cooler weather.
  • Buyers are Serious. Fall and Winter are when the most serious of buyers are in the market for a new place to call home.

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Free Boise Home Sellers Seminar

Boise Home Sellers Free Seminar

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  • Free informational community/neighborhood service we are offering to homeowners that can save them $ and headaches.
  • We went to an economic seminar that focused on Idaho/Boise economy and have the latest eye opening statistics and will present some of the most important points that will affect homeowners in 2017.
  • We are having a Title Company employee discuss new concepts in the Title business that are now necessary and will discuss how they affect homeowners.
  • A home inspector with over 20 yrs inspecting hundreds of homes, will be sharing important insights and experiences on what are common and uncommon things to look for and things that have been found in houses in SE Boise and how a homeowner can protect themselves before, during and after the selling process.
  • Question and answer session for audience interaction.
  • Info for free $ saving usable home essential set.
  • Refreshments and giveaways.

“Did you know that it’s a sellers’ market out there? Inventory is low, prices are up, buyers are fighting over properties…what’s not to love?

With the renewed trust in the economy, people are looking again to real estate as a sound investment, or they may feel confident that it’s time to move the family in more spacious surroundings. Don’t sit on the fence and miss the moment. Our free seminar will give you the information and the answers you are looking for.” ~ Cristina Pescaru


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Boise Real Estate – See, I Told You So!

By Cristina Pescaru, CSP
Real Estate Consultant
Boise, Idaho

Boise Real Estate House for Sale - SoldI am referring to the fact that for the last couple of years I have been trying to convince people to purchase when they found something they liked, and not wait for the better deal. Now, nationwide, people are starting to realize that the much vaunted “buyer’s market” is not quite as friendly to buyers as they thought. Don’t take my word for it: Realtor.com reports that inventory is at its lowest point in four years. 

And the reasons are:

  • Sellers who can afford to ride out this slow, unfavorable market are doing so.
  • Foreclosed properties are not hitting the market in the great numbers people anticipated, not only because the process is a slow one, but also because banks may be a little reluctant to unleash a great number of foreclosures on the market at the same time, afraid of what that would do to property values.

Boise Housing Market

From my recent work experience with buyers here in the valley I can tell you that nice, affordable homes are few and far between, and competition is great for them. They last only a few days on the market, especially if they are regular sales, and sometimes they command more than the asking price. The housing market is behaving a little contradictory: on the one hand, you see properties selling as in 2004-2006, and on the other the values are down, foreclosed properties linger on the market, and short sales are not moving much faster than they used to.

Boise Home Buyers

Buyers, if you find a house you like, and the financing is in place, move quickly. Waiting for that fantastic bargain is just going to prove the truth of the saying about the bird in the hand vs. the one on the fence. Of course, that doesn’t mean you and your agent should not research the property, the price and comparative values, so that you make the best and fairest offer.

Good hunting all! And, don’t forget: we are here to help.

Understanding Real Estate Representation

An interesting article from House Logic – Buying and Selling

This article discusses your choices in real estate representation:

  1. Buyer’s Agency
  2. Subagency
  3. Disclosed Dual Agency
  4. Designated Agency
  5. Nonagency Relationship
  6. And more resources

Visit houselogic.com for more articles like this.


The Real Estate View from Boise

By Cristina Pescaru, CSP
Real Estate Consultant
Boise, IdahoNow's the time to buy or sell a Boise home

We are seeing a slow down in foreclosures in the Treasure Valley, and, as a result, multiple offers on bank owned properties in lower price ranges. For the frustrated buyers, and their agents, it feels strangely like the “boom” years of 2004-2006.

“Combined default filings for Ada and Canyon counties during the first quarter of 2011 were 1,565, compared to 2,405 during the same period in 2010” (Idaho Business Review).

Buyers are still waiting for the bottom to drop, but they may have to wait a little longer, and end up not having their choice. Sellers are waiting for the market to improve, when they should take advantage of the relative quiet in the foreclosure market, and of the weariness of buyers fed up with waiting to purchase “short sales”…Sellers that are not in a “distressed” position are very attractive to buyers, provided that they are willing and able to sell at market value.

In short, “there is no time like the present” applies very well to the situation in real estate today. While it is at times difficult to figure out if we are going up or down, if the multiple offers, and the slowing down of foreclosures will drive the prices up, or not so much, one thing is certain: if you are thinking of selling, now is the time. Sell. If you are thinking of buying, no use in waiting. Buy.