Save thousands on home maintenance

Strapped for time and energy?

Let someone else do the work on your home’s working systems.

One fee per year will free up your valuable time, save you & possibly hundreds if not thousands of dollars on keeping your home running efficiently.

We can tell you how.  Simply call Ava or Cristina.

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Tips for LandlordsEvery landlord wants to save money. The best way is to think ahead and be pro-active.  These true & tested tips will help you keep $ in your pocket.

  1. Keep your “Good as Gold” tenants as long as possible ~this saves you move out costs.
  2. Look to purchase reasonably sized properties~ this means less maintenance costs.
  3. Stick with one contractor for repairs~they may offer big discounts on their services.
  4. Try your best NOT to use property managers~a waste of money.
  5. Personally inspect your property at least 2x a year.

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