Boise, Idaho article - Booming in Boise announced the Top 10 Turnaround Town Report. Boise, Idaho is listed as #6.

Our own Boise Real Estate Consultant, Cristina Pescaru, is quoted in their article’s Top Ten Turnaround Towns: Booming In Boise.

“Boise is still, as with other markets, struggling with short sales and foreclosed properties. The short sale process is not shorter, or more streamlined, unfortunately. Affordable properties under $150,000 are still hard to come by in Boise proper, and when we do get those, they go fast and sometimes at over the asking price,” said Cristina Pescaru, Realtor.

“The inventory is low because sellers don’t like to put their properties on the market during winter and the holidays. Hopefully, once Spring comes we will see a more lively market, and a lot more activity, especially now, that Boise has been a couple of times in the news, most recently placed 4th on the list of best cities for women’s health. As of now, and due to the overall economic picture, Boise still seems to be the best kept secret.”’s Top Ten Turnaround Towns: Booming In Boise (DATA) |® Blogs

Contact Boise Realtors, Cristina Pescaru or Ava Tong for information about purchasing a real estate investment in the Idaho real estate market.

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